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Medicaid Planning Attorney Columbus Ohio

Why Hire a Medicaid Planning Attorney?

In the world of elder care and nursing home matters, there are a lot of curve balls that can be thrown your way at any time. These circumstances can become quite overwhelming if you’re unprepared. Perhaps you or a loved one were recently injured. Where do you go next? A short-term rehabilitation facility or nursing home? What happens if you don’t show signs of improvement after a certain period of time? How will you pay for your stay? Will Medicaid help?

Don’t spend any more time worrying. Draft a Medicaid crisis plan today with Collins & Kruse Law to ensure that your well-being is placed as a top priority, that your assets are protected and that you save as much of your hard-earned life savings as possible.

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Elder Law & Medicaid Experience

Medicaid and Medicare benefits can become quite complex, so having an experienced attorney on your side puts you at a distinct advantage. Together, we will draft a long-term strategy to ensure that you receive all the Medicaid benefits you are entitled to in the event of an emergency. At Collins & Kruse Law, our goal is to provide a sense of comfort to each client – comfort knowing that your health and financial future are in good hands.

We help answer all of the questions you may have regarding Medicaid planning, including:

  • What are the income rules for Medicaid in Ohio?
  • Do my total assets knock me out of eligibility?
  • Can I donate my assets or give them away to loved ones in order to qualify for Medicaid benefits?
  • Is a Medicaid-friendly annuity a better path to take to become eligible?
  • What will happen to my assets and my family if I were to pass away?
  • How do I make life easier for them?

The Collins & Kruse Difference

Jackie and Wren cover all of the bases when it comes to creating your long-term healthcare plan. With a wealth of experience in the field, they are familiar with the most common causes for concern and can provide the best-tailored elder care solutions.  Each member of the Collins & Kruse team believes that treating every client situation with empathy and compassion is the best approach to elder care planning.

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