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Let’s Talk About Medicaid.

You can qualify for Medicaid (even if you don’t think you can).


Preface: It is not a taboo subject and you or your loved one can qualify.

We bring up and discuss Medicaid with our clients as we find most Middle-Class Americans cannot afford Long Term Care, long term. Medicaid benefits can be used in conjunction with Veteran’s Aid and Attendance if you qualify.

To many people the word “Medicaid” is taboo and only for the destitute, but we encourage people to be proactive in pursuing benefits they are entitled to and have contributed to with their tax dollars.  Individual circumstances vary but for a single person we find we can save about 40% of their assets and for a married couple with one spouse needing care we can save about 90% of their assets.

Many people have the false impression that Medicaid planning is not worth finding out about, because they think they are not eligible for benefits or will never need Medicaid. They feel they have too much money, income or assets to qualify, or believe that some of the specialized trust strategies used for asset protection are for the uber rich only. This is simply untrue.

With effective planning, most can qualify for Medicaid benefits. Elder Law strategies allow you to protect your home if you own one, and the monetary resources you have built up over a lifetime. The alternative is to deplete your reserves paying for your own care, which Medicaid would otherwise cover.

Medicaid planning reminds me of going to a good Accountant, who helps you save money in paying taxes as he/she knows all the rules.  We in turn do the same for Medicaid planning. We know all the rules and keep you from paying more than you need to.

Additionally, many people who could be eligible for Medicaid payment of Assisted Living Facilities or nursing facility programs think they will be blocked by the “look back” and “penalty” periods. This results from a faulty understanding of these terms, which we can explain in detail during your initial consultation. ln Ohio, the look back and penalty periods apply to assisted living facilities (ALFs) and Long-Term Care home (LTC) applications. And even with these limitations, in many instances, you can be approved by Medicaid for ALFs and LTC facilities and have it fully paid.

It pays to sit down with an Elder Law attorney and review the details of your unique situation. You may find it to be one of the best things you have ever done for yourself and your family. You get to retain the benefit of your savings and assets and maintain you and your spouse’s quality of life. When you pass on, it is a great gift for your family members who will inherit what would otherwise be lost to the cost of your care.

If you have applied for Medicaid and have been denied benefits, it is quite possible to have the decision reversed. There are many reasons for a denial and a variety of strategies for addressing them. Common reasons include excess assets, lack of documentation, improper transfers, or spousal issues. An experienced Elder Law firm can help with these roadblocks, and in many cases successfully initiate procedures to qualify you. Often, it is simply implementing the rules correctly.

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