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Crisis Planning Attorney Columbus Ohio

Your Crisis Planning Attorney

The entire team at Collins & Kruse pride themselves on handling these types of situations with confident advice and effective, timely communication with families. Just because you or a loved one has put off planning ahead doesn’t mean a crisis should take away everything they/you have worked their entire life for.

We offer FREE CONSULTATIONS to provide you with the information and options you have available to you. This enables you to make the most informed decision possible for you or your loved one’s care.

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How Can We Help You Crisis Plan?

A crisis can occur at any time, any age, to anyone. At Collins and & Kruse we are used to dealing with our client’s crisis. Crisis situations/questions that we deal with daily include:

  • A loved one is currently in short-term rehabilitation and the family has been told that Medicare is going to stop paying for it.
  • It is not safe for my parents to live at home anymore, but they do not need nursing home level care yet. What are our other options and how can we pay for it?
  • A parent or spouse has fallen and is being taken to the hospital. Recovery is expected to take a long time, but no one knows how they will afford the needed care.
  • Dad passed away years ago but was a Veteran. Mom now needs in-home care, but she cannot afford it on her own.
  • My Father built this house with his bare hands and we want to keep it in the family, but we are being told we must sell.
  • Mom was found wandering the street again, she is refusing to move somewhere safe that can provide memory care. We do not have Power of Attorney or any other estate planning completed, what can we do?
  • Dad had a stroke and will need nursing home care for the foreseeable future. Mom is still at home and while they have a small retirement, we are being told we must spend everything down. Is that true? How can we protect more assets so our Mom can continue to live at home and enjoy life as much as possible?
  • Dad is sick and cannot handle his finances or healthcare decisions anymore. He has always been very private, and we have no idea how to access any of his accounts to pay his bills and maintain his home. We also need to speak to his Doctors about the type and quality of care he is receiving. How can we move forward?

The Collins & Kruse Difference

Jackie and Wren cover all of the bases when it comes to creating your long-term healthcare plan. With a wealth of experience in the field, they are familiar with the most common causes for concern and can provide the best-tailored elder care solutions.  Each member of the Collins & Kruse team believes that treating every client situation with empathy and compassion is the best approach to elder care planning.

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