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09 Jan: Be SMART About Your New Year’s Resolutions with Estate Planning Goals

Throughout our busy office, we often hear the adult children of our clients say, “We need to get our estate planning done so that we don’t leave a mess for our children, like what we had to deal with for Mom and Dad.”

If this quote seems all too familiar to you, then let this be the year to make a meaningful New Year’s Resolution that will change your life for the better. As an experienced estate planning and elder law firm in Hilliard and Findlay, Ohio, we can help you establish and tackle estate planning goals.

Collins & Kruse Blog

01 Jan: Estate Planning 101: What is a Revocable Living Trust?

A revocable living trust, which is often just called a living trust, is a legal tool that is created to ‘hold’ the assets of an individual. This individual, known as a grantor, can control and manage all the assets placed within the trust, or they can assign another party to do this on their behalf. Having assets held in a trust like this can provide a variety of different benefits both now, and after the grantor has passed away.